MIXe.SMILES Loyalty program Mixe.store

Mixe.store launches its new loyalty program: MIXe.SMILES

At Mixe.store, we believe in happiness, and what brings more happiness than a smile ? Well, most probably discounts and free food :) We truly value our customer’s happiness and that comes from great products, great services and great discounts. To support our community in its daily life, we have launched MIXe.SMILES, a new loyalty program for our beloved customers.

MIXe.SMILES is a new way of building your own community and enjoying exciting rewards. 

So how does that work ?

Well, it’s quite easy: You only have to log-in your Mixe.store account (or create an account) and go to the MIXe.SMILES page to become a member and start earning SMILES points. 


How to Earn SMILES ?

There is 3 ways of earning MIXe.SMILES:

  1. Place your first order on Mixe.store & Earn 50 SMILES 
  2. Share about Mixe.store to your community on your Facebook page & earn 10 SMILES
  3. On your birthday, do nothing & earn 100 SMILES

How to Redeem SMILES ? 

For every 50 SMILES you earn, you get a coupon discount of 1€. You can apply them directly to your next order or keep saving them to enjoy even bigger discounts on one order.

Referrals have never been so tasty 

There is one more way to earn MIXe.SMILES and that comes from your own community. You can easily earn discounts by referring Mixe.store. Just share your special MIXe.SMILES' URL to your friends. They will get 3€ off on their first order, as soon as they have placed their first order, you will get a coupon discount of 3€. The more you help us build a community of happy customers, the more amazing discounts you will get. 

At Mixe.store, We reward with Smile :)