Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki / W...

Best Before Expiry :  2Kg : 21/01/22 10Kg : 20/04/22 About Aashirvaad whole wheat atta is made of zero per cent maida and 100% atta, which makes it extremely nutritious since its packed with health...
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Pilsbury - Chakki Atta Export Pack - MIXE.STORE

Pilsbury - Chakki Atta Expo...

About the Product Rotis made from Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta is a healthy option for those who prefer rotis and chapattis (Indian bread) to rice. As this atta or wheat flour is known to contain...
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Little India

Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta ...

Best Before Expiry : 16/01/2022 About the Product The Aashirvaad multigrain atta is an amazing combination of six natural grains which provide wholesome nutrition to the body. The rotis and chapattis made from multigrain atta...
€10.45 €11.90
Pilsbury Multigrain Atta - MIXE.STORE

Pilsbury Multigrain Atta

About Multigrain Atta from Pillsbury is a first-of-its-kind, an exclusive blend of seven grains that are especially blended to supply all-around fitness benefits. It is also a key part in certain type of snacks like...
Patanjali Whole Wheat Atta

Patanjali Whole Wheat Atta

Best Before: 25/01/2022 Whole wheat flour is commonly used in Mediterranean region and southwest Asia to make breads.Whole wheat flour is a perfect choice for you to make Indian breads as its heathy and full...
€8.40 €9.80
Pilsbury Atta Gold - MIXE.STORE

Pilsbury Atta Gold

About Pillsbury Gold Atta is made from superior quality wheat which can produce soft rotis. Soft, fluffy chapatis and rotis made from Pillsbury Gold atta serves as the perfect companion for your favourite vegetables. The...

HEER Chakki Atta

Heer Chakki Atta is produced in the Malwa region in Madhya Pradesh, India, which is known as an ideal wheat growing area. The harvested wheat is ground and processed using the latest and optimized agricultural...
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Little India

Aashirvaad Sugar Release Co...

Aashirvaad Sugar Release Control Atta is a blend of Whole Wheat and a Natural Grain Mix It contains whole wheat, methi, oats, soya, Chana and psyllium husk which provides you and your family with wholesome...
Aashirvaad Select Premium Sharbati Atta BBE 09/03/22
Little India

Aashirvaad Select Premium S...

Best Before Expiry : 09/03/22 About : Aashirvaad Select is a premium quality atta made from the King of Wheat – Sharbati wheat which is bigger in size and has a golden sheen.  Rotis made...
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Sohum Udyog Lokwan Whole Wh...

Sohum Udyog believes in “A balance diet comprising of healthy & nutritious food is a key to promoting good health.” and incorporates in their products. Their product ranges from health conscious food items, innovative diet friendly...
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