TRS - Cumin Seeds (whole Je...

Dal Tadaka is definitely incomplete without Cumin Seeds known as Jeera!! Add a little spicy and slightly sweet taste to your food with TRS Cumin Seeds It’s a vegetarian spice product, Easy to use and...

TRS - Mustard Seeds (Brown)

Brown mustard seeds are widely used as a spice, especially in India, and have a piquant taste. Their heat disappears quickly when cooking, so they should only be added towards the end of the cooking...
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TRS - Dhaniya Coriander Powder

Coriander seeds, known as dhania in India, is extensively used to flavour curriesTRS Coriander powder is made by premium quality dried Coriander seedsIt is used as a digestive tonic hence heathy choice to add it...

TRS Haldi powder

Turmeric has been an esteemed spice with a medicinal effect in India for more than 4,000 years. Turmeric is not only appreciated for its mild bitter sharpness, but also because of its beautiful golden yellow...

TRS Fennel Seeds (Soonf)

TRS fennel has an appealing sweet liquorice aroma. The aroma is greatly improved by roasting in fat and can be used as a breath freshener or as a digestive after eating. For proper roasting of...

TRS Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds

Make your Dal Tadaka more aromatic and flavorful with TRS Fenugreek Seeds An important ingredient to Indian Garam Masala It’s a vegetarian spice product, Easy to use and store, super convenient No artificial colors and...

Priya Idli Rava

Idli Ravva is a mainly used to make idli breakfast in South India Idli Ravva is a perfect choice for you want your idiles soft and fluffy. It offers you a breakfast with a great...

TRS Red Chilli Powder Extra...

Try TRS Chilli Powder Ex.Hot to spice up your homemade Gravy and Daal recipes!TRS Chilli Powder is developed from the highest quality sun-dried whole chilies that are carefully handpickedIt’s a vegetarian product, Easy to use...

TRS - Garam Masala Mix (gro...

Garam Masala is the authentic spices blend ! Masala lives up to its name by enhancing the taste of your food like never before. This blended masala is made from the finest whole spices sourced...

Priya Ginger Garlic Paste

Ginger Garlic Paste is prepared from carefully selected best quality ginger and garlic It carries Strong Distinctive Aroma of freshly ground ginger and garlic Ginger Garlic Paste Blends perfectly with gravy recipes and enhances their...
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TRS Ajwain / Lovage Seeds

Ajwain (bishop's weed) for weight loss is the way to get near natural fitnessAn important ingredient to Indian Garam MasalaIt’s a vegetarian spice product, Easy to use and store, super convenientNo artificial colors and preservativesTRS...

TRS - Bay Leaves (Tej Patta)

Best Quality Dry Bay Leaves cultivated in almost natural and organic Ways! Made From Fresh Crop, This Season Bay Leaves It’s a vegetarian spice product, Safe and hygienically handpicked No artificial colors and preservatives TRS...
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TRS Black Pepper Whole

Black pepper, (Piper nigrum), also called pepper, perennial climbing vine of the family Piperaceae and the hotly pungent spice made from its fruits. Black pepper is native to the Malabar Coast of India and is one...

TRS Cumin Powder (Jeera Pow...

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MDH Chunky Chat Masala

Make your pani puri/gol gappa, bhel puri, sev puri tangier with MDH Chat Masala It’s a vegetarian product, Easy to use and store, super convenient No artificial colors or preservatives added Main Ingredients: Salt White,...

TRS Red Chilli Powder

Chilli Powder is ground from the finest & most pungent Chilli to create one of the worlds most popular spices. Chilli Powder adds a hot flavour and is usually either blended into curry powder mixes...

TRS - Tandoori Masala Grill...

Try your fish fry, chicken nuggets, barbeque dishes this weekend with TRS Tandoori Masala! Lip-smacking taste and provide natural aroma. It’s a Non-vegetarian spice product, No artificial colors and preservatives Ingredients:- Salt, Coriander, Mustard, Beetroot...

TRS Cloves

Cloves has always been the main ingredient to make perfect garam masala blend!It's a home remedy for toothache relief, also has have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory propeties It’s a vegetarian spice product, Easy to use and store,...

TRS - Amchur Powder (Dried ...

Amchur powder is usually used to add flavour and nutritional benefits of mangoes to the foods & drinks. Enhancing the taste of your meal, this mango powder is absolutely safe for you.It is sour yet...
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TRS Kashmiri Chilli Powder

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